© Pedro Sarmiento • Best photo of May in the I Online Open Fotosub Island of El Hierro

Pedro Saramiento is the winner of March’s best photo with a total 54 votes from the popular jury of the I Online Open Fotosub “El Hierro, un Puerto de Vida”. The winning photo is an image of a Leopard eel (Myrichthys pardalis) swimming among algae, this photo was shot during the dives he did in May with Centro de Buceo El Hierro dive center, official collaborator of the Online Open Fotosub.

Pedro is originally from Cuba and has always been passionate about the sea, his curiosity began in his home island which is full of amazing coral reefs, full of life, color and light.

Settled in Spain for over ten years where he choose another paradise to live his passion for scuba diving, Gran Canaria, and he found an infinite treasure during his dives. One of his favorite dive spots is El Cabrón, where life transforms as soon as he leaves the surface.

As a experimented dive professional , he has been able to develope his skills as an underwater photographer and videographer, to gain experience teaching scuba, and also to discover and gather knowlege of the dives and marine life around the island where he lives.

You can already submit photos shot in this month of June. Don’t forget you have from the 15th of June until the 15th of July to upload your images to the web of the contest. The popular jury will be able to start voting on the 1st of July and can do so until the 15th of the month. Participate in the I Online Open Fotosub to win important cash prizes!