© Alfredo Gómez Peraza • Best photo of June in the I Online Open Fotosub Island of El Hierro

June’s winning photo in this 1st Online Open Fotosub “El Hierro, un Puerto de Vida” goes to Alfredo Gómez Peraza, with an amazing backlight image of a grouper (Epinephelus marginatus) surrounded by blue water. The photo was shot during his dives in June with Centro de Buceo El Hierro dive center, official collaborator of this Online Open Fotosub.

Alfredo is a photographer from Tenerife but with ancestors from El Hierro, on behalf of his mum and grandfather, and for this reason he has always had strong ties to this spectacular island and its fantastic sea. Nevertheless, it wasn’t untill 2007 when he started scuba-diving and discovering the hidden depths of La Restinga.

Two years later he entered the field of underater photography starting with a small compact camera, practicing all he can and always being self-taught. He is currently jury of underwater video contests where he can continue learning by expert underwater image professionals.

He participated in the 2nd Guimar Open in 2012 where he was awarded second place in the compact camera category and the award for the best underwater seascape with a model photo.

You can already submit your images shot in the month of July. Enter our web http://online.openfotosub.es and upload your images. You have from the the 15th of July untill the 15th of August to include them to the contest. The voting period for the popular jury will be open from the 1st to the 15th of August. Participate and win important cash prizes!