© Javier Atero Cano • Best photo of July in the I Online Open Fotosub Island of El Hierro

The photographer Javier Atero Cano is the winner of the best photo of July in the 1st Online Open Fotosub “El Hierro, un Puerto de Vida” with a lovely image using natural light inside the “cueva del diablo” (the devil’s cave). He took this photo in July while diving with Centro de Buceo La Restinga diving centre, one of the Online Open Fotosub’s official collaborators.

Javier is originally from Palma de Mallorca where he started exploring the underwater world. In the summer of 2012 he started scuba diving with Karajasub, a group of friends with who he started to explore and discover the sea around his home island, this is when his curiosity to identify all the living beings he observed began. Soon he felt the necessity to take a camera on his dives in order to capture and then identify all those organisms he encountered during his dives. And so in 2013 he got his hands on his first compact camera.

Slowly he started to improve his technique and so he decided to upgrade his photographic equipment to his present camera, a Canon S110, to which he started adding different accessories like strobes and wet lenses to expand his possibilities in the world of underwater photography. After four years, this lover of the sea continues to practice scuba with the same passion and curiosity as in his first dives.

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