Francisco José Van Baumberghen from the island of La Palma and his model Noelia Suárez González won first prize in the first “Fotosub Challenge Island of El Hierro”.

The jury, conformed by ex champions of the Open Fotosub Island of El Hierro like David Barrio, José Ángel Fernández y Jesús Javier Madinaveitia, have selected the La Palma photographer’s collection among the 8 collections submitted to the competition by the different winners of the Best Photo of the Month of this Online Open Fotosub promoted by the Cabildo of El Hierro in the social networks.

Between January and August 2016 the prize for the Best Photo of the Month has been a trip to the island during these days of October in order to participate in the challenge as part of the conmemorative acts of the 20th Open Fotosub of Biodiversity (17th to the 22nd of October). The Online Open Fotosub has counted with a total of 28 underwater photographers, who submitted 279 photos and videos to the contest, and these were voted by a popular jury of over 900 people.

The eight underwater photographers and their assistants made four dives with scuba gear in search of the best images for their collection during last Thursday and Friday and, they rotated to dive at four dive locations around La Restinga: El Bajón, Punta Restinga, Punta del Río and Baja Bocarones.

The winning team received their award in La Restinga Square, during the conmemorative act of the XX aniversary of the Open Fotosub Island of El Hierro, an underwater photography competition organized by the Cabildo of El Hierro in 1996 to promote “El Hierro” as a touristic destination by using the beauty of its underwater scenaries and the life they hold.

You can see all images in this link

© Francisco José VanBaumbhergen • Best collection of the Fotosub Challenge Isla de El Hierro