The deadline to vote for the images and videos of September opens Sunday, 1st of October!

​ From the 1st of October, just as in the previous months, the popular jury will have the chance to vote for their favorite videos and photos entered in September to this 2nd Online Open Fotosub Isla de El Hierro. Don’t miss the great underwater images submitted by the participants this month. Enter and vote!

​ And remember, just by voting your favorite images you will enter a raffle to win a return flight to El Hierro from any of the Canary Islands. So go to the Web of the Online Open and vote for the Images at Contest!

​ If you have dived in La Restinga during September with one of the contest’s collaborating dive centers you have until the 14th of October to submit your photos or videos, but remember that the voting period starts on the 1st day of the month, so the sooner you upload the images to the web the better.

​ Don’t lose this chance and Participate!