Cristina Camacho Puerta is the winner of the Best photo of September!

© Awarded by the popular september, Cristina Camacho Puerta is the winner of June’s best photo.

The popular jury as given out the prize for September’s best photo in this 2nd Online Open Fotosub “El Hierro, un Puerto de Vida” to Cristina Camacho Puerta. The image was submitted to the “Algae” category, with a 50/50 image where you can see a tide pool covered by algae underwater and a model lying on the rocks above. This photo was shot in September while diving with Centro de Buceo El Bajón, one of the official collaborating dive centers in this Online Open Fotosub.

The photographer Cristina Camacho is originally from Cádiz but grew up on the Island of Gran Canaria, therefor she has always had a bond to the sea and being in contact with nature has become one of her great passions. She slowly specialized in the modality of freediving Cazafotosub (photographing fish biodiversity) and freediving photography. According to her, she obtains more natural images this way.

The deadline to upload your photos and videos of October is already open. You have until the 14th of November to submit your images, and from the first of November onwards the popular jury will be able to start voting, in order to choose the Best photo of October.

Don’t miss the chance to participate If you are going to dive in October with any of the collaborating dive centers in La Restinga!

It is free to participate and there are 12.000 € in prizes! What are you waiting for!?