Hector López Cabrera is the winner of November’s best photo award

© Winning image of the Best Photo of October by Hector López Cabrera

The image of a spotfin burrfish inside a cave, submitted in “Vertebrates Category”, has been chosen as been the favorite photo of the online participants of online.openfotosub.es in the month of November. The author,  Hector López Cabrera, is a scuba diving instructor based in Tres Cantos (Madrid) who was visiting El Hierro for the first time thanks to the recommendations of some friends that had already dived the canarian Island. Hector usually uses a compact camera to shoot his photos, but in this occasion used a reflex camera, he is very enthusiastic about travelling and sharing the places he discovers with his diving friends. He recognizes that underwater photography is new to him, but he enjoys it a lot and wants to continue improving to capture great images on his dive travels.

As a curious fact, he arrived to the island without knowing that the Online Open Fotosub was taking place and it was the working team at Centro de Buceo El Bajón who encouraged him to participate, something he really appreciated. Form his stay on the island Hector confessed that “I loved photographing the seascapes of the island, it has been a beautiful and fulfilling experience due to the huge variety of unique  marine life it has”, but he also highlights the landscapes of forests, cliffs and volcanic formations, and was surprised of the beauty of the sun sets: “on this Island I have seen the most beautiful red sunsets ever”.

Thank you Hector for participating and congratulations for the prize!