We announce Carlos Suárez as part of the professional jury that will evaluate the photos of the 2nd Online Open Fotosub

​ Carlos Suárez is a professional underwater photographer who has been a passionate diver since young, he has dedicated to expose the underwater world through photos. He is originally from Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands, where he manages the dive center Océanos de Fuego.

​ In the past 15 years, Carlos Suárez has published his photos in more than 100 different media outlets and has collaborated in various organizations dedicated to the conservation of the ocean and its natural inhabitants. He is the coautor of Lanzarote’s Dive Guide and has won various awards in different underwater photography contests.

“I consider my photos the memories of my eyes. The way to feel like a fish and remember that sensation when I am tied to the land. When gravity atraps me and I am missing the freedom that scuba diving provides me. A utopy made reality. This passion has given me the best moments in life. Uncountable adventures and never ending conversations with dive buddies. A vast amount of information to process throughout your life. Scenes that inspire humbleness over the vast wiseness of the oceans.”

Featured media: National Geographic, Scuba Diving Magazine, Tauchen, Duiken, The Guardian, etc.

Following you can enjoy some of Carlos Suárez’s photography